City of Ottawa/Poets’ Pathway



City of Ottawa/Poets’ Pathway

The Poets’ Pathway is a walking and biking trail of approximately 35 kilometers, much of it on already-existing walking paths through Ottawa. It runs from Britannia Beach, south along  Pinecrest Creek, east along  Nepean Creek; it crosses the Rideau River, moves north to the Ottawa River, and ends in Beechwood Cemetery where the poets lie.

The Poets Pathway Organization required a wireframe app design for their users so they can learn about the poems through audio, video, and images which can all be accessed into an integrated format.

Poets’ Pathway wireframes

Our Task


1. Wire-framing several user paths to illustrate how a user would achieve their defined goals and to highlight the functionality of the product.

2. Interaction design

3. Designing high fidelity mockups

4. Project management

5. Theme design

6. User interface design

Skills Involved


  • Invision
  • Sketch